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Canada Is...

Canada is the story of a nation unique in the world.

Canada isÖ
itís people. Canadians have always chosen cultural diversity to encourage a multitude of traditions. Canada is many languages and religions, many races and cultures, many customs and legends.

Canada isÖ
itís geography. Canada is a land of vast contrasts: Atlantic to Pacific, northern artic to southern prairie, new Rockies to old Laurentians. It has luxuriant summers and harsh winters.

Canada isÖ
itís wildlife. The people and animals of Canada have coexisted throughout our history: buffalo and beaver, caribou and wolf, goose and loon, whale and seal, trout and salmon.

Canada isÖ
itís heritage. Canadaís heritage is rich, multifaceted and evolving. It is the unique people, geography, and wildlife. It is the expression of our culture.

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