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Clean Government

The Christian Heritage Party would institute governmental accountability based upon respect.

Respect for the Canadian Constitution
Respect for Canadian Principles and Values (Heritage)
Respect for Canadian Citizens / Voters

Government must display moral leadership with principled politics. Integrity should be the model for public service.

We will enact democratic reforms to include an elected Senate and proportional representation in the House of Commons.

Clean Economics

The Christian Heritage Party would direct money into Canadian financial interest such as health care, lower taxes, and our military. A balanced federal budget and debt reduction / elimination would help strengthen our economy. The federal legers would be open and transparent.

We will control wasteful expenditures and corrupt spending.

Clean Social Programmes

The Christian Heritage Party has a strong social programme agenda designed to strengthen families and communities. This includes adequate sustainable health care funding, self-funded pension plans, employment insurance system reform and low-income and seniors’ assistance. We also have initiatives in education, infrastructure development, and community growth.

We promote an ABC Agenda: Affirm Marriage, Building Families, and Celebrate Life. We will promote and protect the value of human life. We will promote and protect the traditional definition of marriage.

Clean Environment

The Christian Heritage Party endorses longterm and sustainable solutions to environmental issues. We will work towards a cleaner environment by protecting and preserving our air, water, and land.

We will support agriculture and fisheries as part of our environmental policies.

Better Solutions for Governmental Accountability
Better Solutions for the Economy
Better Solutions for Social Programmes
Better Solutions for the Environment

Better Solutions Begin with the
Christian Heritage Party

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